Coming Up for Air

Gah – this is not what I signed up for. A few weeks ago I got my imac back from the shop for repairs – only it wasn’t fixed. Basically I couldn’t afford for any more repairs and the ones I did get were covered by an extended warranty. There’s more to it than that – but I’m not quite ready to point fingers.

Anyway I’m stuck fixing this myself, knee-deep in software updates and hardware checking and reinstalled operating systems. This fucking sucks. I really like making art on computers – but I really hate that they just fuck up on you.

The most frustrating thing about all this is I’m not really sure what causes my computer to crash or when it’s going to happen. I do know that it often, but not always, happens in Photoshop. Therefore, the best method to determine if my computer is working is to open Photoshop, start working, and wait for it to crash. After a month of being without this thing I start to really get into a groove, and then it crashes. Freezes completely.

Anyway, I’ve been up to some other stuff, too. Like pimping my comic at the Alternative Press Expo and harassing Keith Knight about it. Seriously, lots of nice people there, including Alexis E. Fajardo of Kid Beowulf and Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press. I saw some anarchist comics while I was there that were great, but anarchists apparently do not believe in web sites so I have no links. (I know this empirically to be untrue, as I consider myself an anarchist and do have a web site.) But anybody around here that hasn’t checked out the Mission Mini Comics should track some down.

Also, though I didn’t find out about them at the con but from my roommate, everybody check out Action Philosophers! whose newest comic, Action Philosophers Hate the French, is fucking hillarious.

Also, some discussion of my own artwork in this forum thread.

*takes shot*

Alright. I’m goin back in.

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