“Cathy” to Upcoming Cartoonists: Drop Dead

Via Comixpedia an LA Times article about the impending demise of newspaper cartooning features this quote from “Cathy” creator Cathy Guisewite:

“To me a strip should run forever because it’s a classic. They have meaning to me, and no new newspaper strip is going to earn that place in my heart.

“I love the old strips, I love the old characters, and I know as I say that, that’s what’s preventing new strips from coming in because there’s only so much space and newspapers have to drop a beloved strip to make room for a new one. [My solution] to that would be to devote more space to comic strips.”

Guisewite, whose garbage comic strip has been stinking up the comics page and breeding low self-esteem in working women for thirty years, is apparently hoping that after retirement someone can keep drawing her characters screaming “AAAAACK” for generations to come.

Meanwhile, newspapers keep hiring artists to draw tired old scenarios and keep driving jokes into the ground that were old fifty years ago.

UPDATE: Josh Reads, the Comics Curmudgeon expounds on the awfulness of some selected Cathy strips.

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