Woo-hoo! Vacation!

So last week and this one, I’ve been in vacation in New York. I forgot how freakin HUGE this city is compared to San Francisco and Oakland.

But I won’t leave you with nothing to read, no! Instead Sid and Bounty are just going to watch a lot of TV for the rest of the week. And this way my being away from the drawing board for over two weeks won’t affect the comic.

In fact, I’ve already gotten started on the next storyline, and those strips will go up before I get back, starting this Sunday.

That’s right, we take no breaks here at Debt On Comics!

Oh, and by the way, while I’m putting out entertaining comics every day I’m also working a full-time day job (or night job rather) as a waiter, and while I’m taking this much-needed vacation to visit friends and family (it’s been over a year since I’ve seen my parents) I’m not exactly sure how I’m making the rent next month. So if you were ever gonna use that donation button to the right then use it now! :)

Scott out!

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