So, having drawn this strip in the same style for over 200 strips now, (see below) I thought I would mix it up a little bit. Starting this weekend, all the comics on this site will be in full color. BUT in order to make such a momentous change, something else is going to have to go. Also starting on Monday, I will only be updating the strip three times a week, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

I realize that many of you have undoubtedly become accostomed to your daily fix of Debt On. But know that on the whole the new strips will be bigger than a single daily, and look prettier. I think this is a good opportunity as we’re kind of moving into phase 2 of the strip, (or was that phase 3?) and the comics will be more comfortable in this format.

So stay tuned! Much more to come! And do feel free to email me your reactions.

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