Alright, back on track. Things have been hectic these past couple weeks, but they should cool off until the holidays, which are of course rapidly approaching. But at least I have some time for working on comics and such now.

First off, if you want an extra dose of my cartooning, I’m the guest artist on Ardra this week, so check that out! Wish I coulda colored it for him, though.

About that. I really want to get back to coloring the strips, but I’ve wanted to put extra work into the lineart lately, and really develop the visuals of the restaurant and the new characters I’m introducing. Sid’s jobs up until now have been very brief endeavors, but this one is going to last quite a while longer. We’re still only in the very beginning stages of this storyline. Not to worry, though. I haven’t forgotten about the other characters and as I’ve been doing already, other storylines will weave in and out as this one goes on.

Also, come January, I’m going to be taking a brief hiatus. But there will be some pretty exciting guest comics to keep you all entertained, and there’s plenty more Debt On to come afterwards. And if you’re an artist and would like to draw me a cool guest comic to feature on the site, I’d be thrilled to read it. Email me and we’ll talk.


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