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New Comics Start February

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Sup, y’all. Hope you’ve been enjoying the guest comics as much as I have, it’s been so much fun to see other people’s interpretations of my characters. My thanks again to all the great guest artists that helped me out the past couple weeks. I’m going to stay on hiatus for just a couple more weeks while I perfect the script for the upcoming storylines and get a comic buffer built up. Meanwhile, I’ve got some cool sketchbook pages and other material to feature in my absence, so keep checkin back.

In recent news of life imitating art I just lost my bartending job for reasons I may never understand, which either means that I’ll have lots of time to work on new comics or I’ll be too busy beating pavement and drowning my sorrows in a steady diet of rye whisky and malt liquor to produce anything decent. Only time will tell.

So if you have any need of a cartoonist, writer, bartender, waiter, or just a guy with a strong back in the SF Bay Area, look no further. Also, you could help me get paid for writing comics, either directly through the donation button to the right, by buying ads through Project Wonderful or Blogads, by clicking the Google ads running along the side of the blog, or by just helping me get the traffic up on the site. Tell your friends, recommend the comic on other blogs and forums, any little bit helps. If you can help me get this site going bigger and better than ever, I promise I’ll respond by producing better comics and more of em.

Cheers. Wish me luck.

Guest Comics, Week 3

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Hey y’all. Just got back from a late-night flight back to California. Just wanted to drop in to thank Calan Ree of Gingerdead and Friends for drawing today’s comic.

Today’s comic was written by Chris Cooney, a GAW pirate, freelance philosopher and former President of Simon’s Rock College. He has no web site.

Also, apologies to Fesworks for not getting his comic up when I said I would on Friday. I set everything up on autopilot and that slipped by me somehow, and I barely had access to a computer on my vacation. That will go up on Wednesday.

And Friday’s strip is drawn by my friend Vita, an animation student and representative of the New Russian Federation. She collects chronometers and wombats.

Guest Comics Continue

Monday, January 1st, 2007

So I’ll be on vacation for about the next two weeks. In the meantime I’ll make every update with a guest comic, but since I won’t be at a computer to blog them as they go, here’s the remaining lineup for these two weeks:

To kick things off to the left you’ll see a sweet drawing that Mike Jensen did for the links page at Lonely Fetus, an awesome comic strip worthy of your attention.

The comic for January 1 is by none other than Matt Sandbrook of Chip Shop Adventures! I still crack up every time I look at this. Thanks, Matt! Everybody should go check out Chip Shop Adventures, especially if you have a bloodlust.

The comic for January 3 is by EvilCouch of The World’s Worst WebComic. Couch would say I have terrible taste for saying this, but the comic hardly lives up to its name.

The comic for January 5 is by Handoko of The World of Acoimade. Han’s a great artist and contrary to what the dialogue implies he’s not illiterate, just billingual.

Kicking off week 2 the January 8 comic is by Wendy Wood of Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit, a very cute and wickedly funny webcomic.

The comic for January 10 is a collaboration. The written comic is by Jason Dunstan of Ardra, while the art is courtesy of Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

And the comic for January 12 is by Fesworks of A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. Go check out Fesworks now.

My deepest gratitude goes out to all these awesome guest artists for granting me this badly needed vacation. :)